HIA Sydney Home Show 2014


The HIA Sydney Home Show 2014 was a great success, from setting up the demonstration area to meeting to clients and potential partners everything went smoothly.

There was a huge buzz about HDD at the Sydney HIA Home Show last weekend. Thousands of people streamed in to chat to Lucas and the team and admire our stall. The colour chart was particularly a hit, as people perused the chart imagining their newly painted walls and ceilings; interior and exterior, in all the gorgeous Dulux colours on offer.

We were inundated with questions, special decorating and quote requests, as people poured in to seek out advice about their painting jobs, DIY, upcoming renovations, new builds and more.

The HDD boys had an absolute blast, meeting new potential clients, forming contacts and building up new networks.

All in all the Home Show was a huge success and HDD can’t wait for next year!

If you missed it this year, be sure to come along next year and drop in to see the team from HDD

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